The Patuxent River CPOA Goat Locker is one of only a few "Chiefs Clubs" left in the World and is completely run and managed solely by our Association. Play darts or horseshoes, watch a DVD or DirecTV in HD on our LCD TV’s, Surf the Internet, listen to music, or check your personal or work email (yes we have a CAC reader). We are located at 47085 Liljcrantz Rd, across from the the Visitor Quarters. ***Goat Locker Access by Key Card Only. Contact the EXCOM to get your key***

Anyone that would like to order special Direct TV programming (IE Pay Per View), will need to contact the house committee. Any paid programming will need to be re-embursed to the Goat Locker.

  • If you would like to reserve the Goat Locker for Special Events, Contact any member of the Executive Committee.  All parties (personnel) are responsible for ensuring they clean up after themselves and their guests.
  • If you would like to reserve the Chief Meat Grill, Contact any member of the House or Executive Committee. The person responsible for the grill shall ensure that it is cleaned upon return.
  • Please utilize the cork board by the door in the Goat Locker. Feel free to post items for sale, etc, but be sure to clear the board once the flyer is no longer needed.
  • As the temperatures increase, enjoy use of the deck/patio furniture, but please store any cushions/pillows in the bins in the event of inclement weather.

JD's picture and bell are proudly displayed between the first two windows, on the right, as you walk into the Goatlocker. Rest in peace, my friend... We all miss you.

JD Memorial