Fellow Goats,

Below is a list of upcoming events.

> Cigar night December 12 at 1600.

> CPOA Holiday party has been rescheduled to December 16 at 1830. 

> Habitat for Humanity 22 December.  POC John Kemp.

> SOQ, SOY and Right hand Sailor luncheon January 24 at 1100. Cost $10 per person.  See flyer for further information.

> Retiree membership drive 25 January.  More to follow.

> Hoodies are in.  Cost $35. POC Alan Dunbar or Mike Simpson.

> CPOA has coins in stock, see Alan Dunbar or Mike Simpson.  Jae has a card reader (chip and stripe) as well he is able to take apple pay/android pay.

> Contact Kyle Norton for Calendar updates.

**If you have any inputs for the Blast, please make sure that Steph gets them NLT noon on Fridays for the next week's blast**

NAS Patuxent River CPOA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Patuxent-River-CPOA/355550649049

Website: https://www.paxrivercpoa.org

Have something to say? Don't be shy... let it rip. Contact the EXCOM.


President:  Justin Tackett

Vice Pres.:  Kyle Norton                                                                

Secretary:  Stephanie Dee

Treasurer:  Jae Edwards                                                               

House Treas.: Alan Dunbar          

House Comm.:   Mike Simpson

Retired Affairs Chief: Rich Bozovich                                                         

Com. Rel.: John Kemp

Spec. Events: Tracy Moore/Otto Rodas

Training: Joshua Wilkes/Obadiah Schimp

Master At Arm: Ramie Ellender

Very Respectfully,

CTIC(NAC/AW) Stephanie S. Dee