Fellow Goats,

Below is a list of upcoming events.

>CPOA Scholarship applications are due prior to 06 April 2018. Click here to get the application.

> Habitat for Humanity March 16 and 30. 10 personnel are required for each event. POC John Kemp.  See note below.

> Three Oaks Center Dinner March 15 at 1530

> Saint Patrick's Day celebration and spades tournament 16 March.  POC TJ Rivers and Ivan Paulino. See flyer for additional information.

> Pat Bowling memorial Navy Ski weekend March 8-11th.  See flyer for further information. POC: Matt Budde.

> Firearm Carry Seminar March 21.  See note below additional information.

> Road side clean up March 22. 0700-0800 breakfast at the locker. 0800-1000 clean up.  POC: John Kemp.

>The annual CPOA low country boil and retiree membership drive will be held at the goat locker Saturday, April 14th. POCs are Matt Budde, Joe Maurin,  & Rob Reed. Cost $10 for nonmembers. Retirees and members are free.

> Hoodies are in.  Cost $35. POC Alan Dunbar or Mike Simpson.

> CPOA has coins in stock, see Alan Dunbar or Mike Simpson.  Jae has a card reader (chip and stripe) as well he is able to take apple pay/android pay.

> Contact Kyle Norton for Calendar updates.

> If you are transferring or retiring within the next 90 days, please see Jae Edwards.

*** NOTE ***Habitat for Humanity

 >If you plan on volunteering for a date listed above please email with the date you are going to attend. Thank you.

>Veteran home builds will be put out in separate correspondence and we will work to coordinate dates for these builds as we get the information. More to follow on these builds as information is available.

>Laurie Walker is looking for someone who is good with working Sheet metal for one of her veteran builds. Laurie's Email

Come join our dedicated team of volunteers! 100% of the proceeds raised in the ReStore support our mission of bringing people together and providing affordable homes for families.

Check out the H4H website: PAX River CPOA is pictured there!! Let's keep the community relations going!


***NOTE***Firearm Carry Seminar

Owning a firearm is a very serious responsibility; carrying one on your person is a complicated legal question. Often we are unsure of what our legal rights are - and even then it is difficult to know how to assert them. There will be a seminar on this topic March 21st; the deadline to sign up is March 19th.  See attachement. I do ask that you sign up for this seminar only if you are certain of your attendance. There will be other dates to attend in the future, please don't take up a seat and preclude someone else's learning opportunity. Chief Jason Mooney is the primary POC for this event.

**If you have any inputs for the Blast, please make sure that Steph gets them NLT noon on Fridays for the next week's blast**

NAS Patuxent River CPOA

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Website: https://www.paxrivercpoa.org

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President:  Justin Tackett

Vice Pres.:  Kyle Norton

Secretary:  Stephanie Dee

Treasurer:  Jae Edwards

House Treas.: Alan Dunbar

House Comm.:   Mike Simpson

Retired Affairs Chief: Rich Bozovich

Com. Rel.: John Kemp

Spec. Events: Tracy Moore/Otto Rodas

Training: Joshua Wilkes/Obadiah Schimp

Master At Arm: Ramie Ellender

Fund Raising: TJ Rivers/Ivan Paulino

Very Respectfully,

CTIC(NAC/AW) Stephanie S. Dee