Good Morning GOATS!

Next GA is February 6th, 2019 @ 1530

COMREL Opportunities:

-There are some great opportunities to volunteer this month. 

- 21 February 2019 Feed the residents at the OAKS Center @ 1630  

- 22 February 2019 Highway Clean up @ 0800.  Breakfast will be served at CPO Club @ 0700-0800

-  If anyone is interested in volunteering for either of these events, please email Greg Barry, Minh Le, or Chris Booker.

-  The NAS Patuxent River CPOA scholarship is now open for applications. This scholarship will award up to a maximum of $1,000 dollars to the most qualified applicant(s).

Time line for the CPOA scholarship is as follows:

  • 1 January - 31 March 2019: NAS Patuxent River CPOA scholarship open for applications.
  • 1 - 15 April 2019: All fully completed and filled out applications are reviewed and graded appropriately.
  • May 2019: Winners of the CPOA Scholarship are announced and are presented their scholarship winnings.

House Committee

  • Are you all interested in your own Command CPOA Table Top to be represented at the Goat Locker, or Ceiling Tile, if you want to represent your command with a design, reach out to Mark Reed (360-632-5370)
  • Voting for the flooring replacement is still in effect.  Please respond to Mark Reeds email regarding the vote of what we are trying to accomplish with the floor, update will be presented at next GA.
  • Please come and use the CPO Club, it’s there for us to use.  Feel free to spend a little money, some great fellowship, and good conversation. 

-   Contact Vice President for Calendar updates if you would like to add something to the calendar or make a suggestion!

-    If you are transferring or retiring within the next 90 days, please let the EXCOM know!

**If you have any inputs for the Blast, please make sure that the Wybe DeVries (secretary) gets them NLT noon on Fridays for the next blast**

NAS Patuxent River CPOA




Have something to say? Don't be shy... let it rip. Contact the EXCOM.       


President:  Tracy Moore

Vice Pres.:  Stephanie Dee

Secretary:  Wybe DeVries

Treasurer:  Dan Shaner

House Treas.: Chad Fromme

House Comm.:   Mark Reed

Retired Affairs Chief: Flaps Carlon 

Com. Rel.: Mihn Le/Greg Barry/Chris Booker

Spec. Events: Walt Vergara

Training: Jason Hickenbottom

Master At Arms: Nathan Reichard

Fund Raising: Tim Drexler

Swag/Merchandise: Chase Tallent